Tips for Filing a Complaint After a Disappointing Transaction

Tips for Filing a Complaint After a Disappointing Transaction

When your package arrives too late from its promised schedule or the quality of the received item is not as good as written on the shop’s item description, you have every right to file a complaint. But a direct email might get a slow response, and a comment or a rating star on the site can easily get unnoticed. To make your dissatisfaction matters, here are the basic procedures that you should follow.

Documenting the whole process

Customers are protected better when they buy from an online shop because the process is very straightforward to record. Every chat and payment receipt are all in the system, and all you need to do is to take a screenshot or download the relevant file.

Documenting-proofsFor example, you want to buy an iPhone from an online gadget store. The description of color and memory space will be recorded on the receipt. Normally, you are allowed to download the receipt directly after the checkout from the store’s site, and a copy will be sent to your email. However, in some cases, a glitch or a connection interruption happens. Your money gets deducted, but you have no records of your item specs. Although you can get the information about the account to which your money is sent, there is no guarantee to your end that you will get the iPhone as precisely as you have ordered it.

Such trouble can be avoided if you set a documentation protocol. It gives you assurance, especially for an expensive transaction. Firstly, you should take a picture of your checkout screen. Make sure that the item description fits your intention, and the amount of money paid to the seller is the same as agreed. Secondly, keep the receipt and the screenshot in a folder that is easy for you to access. Do not erase the folder unless you receive the item.

Besides assuring you, documenting the transaction also gives you a valid proof in case you need to return the item. If, for example, you are already stuck with an unwanted good and want to file a complaint, trace back any data that can be used a proof, such as chat history, or transfer record from your bank.

Send a formal email with attached proofs to the store

Customer ServiceCredible online stores or e-commerce platforms have customer service division. Calling them directly and verbally telling your story is not as efficient as sending them a chronologically written email with enclosed detailed records. Or, if you still want to talk to the shop representative, make sure that you send the proofs afterward.

With valid documents, you can get a refund or compensation. But with only ranting and anger, you will get nothing.

Blow up your issue on social networking sites

Social MediaEven if you are not an actual social person, joining a social networking site can give you a practical advantage, such as allowing you to share your dissatisfaction with a company to a lot of people.

Social networking sites have been proven very effective to get a company or a shop’s attention during a complain, especially if your post gets reposted many times by other users. It also can trigger a chain effect. There is a big chance for disgruntled customers who have decided to forget their disappointments on a shop/company to join your campaign. A customer complaint might be expendable but in numbers, complaints are a disaster to a company.…