Countdown 2010 Newsletter

The Countdown 2010 Newsletter appears bi-monthly to inform and engage partners and other interested organizations on action around the 2010 biodiversity target. Sign on here – or browse the latest issues below.

May 2009

  • Feature: Communicating the 2010 biodiversity target
    • International Year of Biodiversity: Let’s rock!
    • Connect2earth: web-based platform on green issues
    • Home: We all have a date with the planet!
  • Do it yourself: Share your calendars on BYSE 2010!
  • Internal: Have you registered for the Partners’ Assembly 2009?
  • State of biodiversity: Europe’s amphibians and reptiles on the decline
  • Focus on… Natureparif
  • LARA: Cities celebrate biodiversity day

April 2009

  • Feature: Wilderness and Large Natural Habitat Areas in Europe
    • The “silent” valley of Ticha
    • EP approves report on wilderness
    • Wild areas and Natura 2000
  • Do it yourself: Who said that biodiversity is just for grown-ups
  • Internal: Partners’ Assembly
  • State of biodiversity: Freshwater species in firing line
  • Focus on… Natural England
  • LARA: City wins best deed award in biodiversity competition

February 2009

  • Feature: The roadmap for the post-2010 biodiversity target
    • Let’s change the way we think about economics!
    • The post Kyoto Protocol: a major appointment for biodiversity conservation
    • Invasive Species: EU calls for action
    • Step by step: major events in 2009
  • Do it yourself: Have your say on biodiversity!
  • Internal: 2008 a year of great achievements for Countdown 2010
  • State of Biodiversity: The 2010 Biodiversity Challenge: Will the EU reach it?
  • Focus on… ZOO & WILD
  • LARA: Green Goals in 2010!

November 2008

  • Feature: Barcelona at the heart of conservation!
    • Cities will better manage their biodiversity
    • Are countries doing enough?
    • A new target after 2010?
  • Do it yourself: Help spreading the word by creating your own flag!
  • Internal: 1, 2, 4, … 1,500 partners by 2009!
  • State of Biodiversity: Almost one in five in mammals on the brink
  • Focus on… Investment in ecological restoration means benefits for all

September 2008

  • Feature: Local Action for Biodiversity
    • ICLEI + IUCN = LAB
    • Local authorities as partners of Countdown 2010
  • Internal: Countdown 2010 at the World Conservation Congress
  • Focus on… Herdade do Esporão
  • State of Biodiversity: The 2010 Readiness Assessment
  • Do it yourself: Host the “Nature –Our Precious Web” exhibition!

June 2008

  • Feature: After the biodiversity summit
    • Paying for biodiversity
    • Motion for the oceans
    • Biodiversity: Benefits for all
    • Local action at global conference
    • From Kobe to Bonn to Nagoya
  • Internal: Countdown 2010 Partners’ Assembly
  • Focus on… Berlin
  • State of Biodiversity: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • Do it yourself: Sign the resolution for wilderness in Europe

March 2008

  • Feature: Forests and Nature
    • Facts and figures on Forests
    • Forest management: Close to Nature
    • Forests at CBD COP
    • Reporting Forests for 2010
    • Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Ecosystem Degradation
  • State of Biodiversity: Biodiversity loss is serious, say Europeans
  • Focus on… Rome
  • Countdown 2010: Partners Assembly on May 22

January 2008

  • Feature: One look back, two looks ahead
    • 2007: A year in the life of Countdown 2010
    • May 2008: 9th Conference of the Parties | Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP9)
    • October 2008: World Conservation Congress
  • Do it yourself: Assess the Economics of Biodiversity Loss
  • State of Biodiversity: The global amphibian crisis
  • Focus on… North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Countdown 2010: Advisory Board and Staff Changes

November 2007

  • Feature: Assessing Progress towards 2010
    • Halting the loss: How Europe measures Biodiversity
    • Global Progress on 2010 Indicators
    • National reporting on the 2010 biodiversity target
    • The Countdown 2010 Readiness Assessment
  • State of Biodiversity: European conservation works
  • Down to Earth: Local Action for Biodiversity
  • Internal: IUCN Pan-European Programme 2009-2012
  • Focus on… European Habitats Forum

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  • Feature: Global Action on Biodiversity
    • Countdown 2010 in South America
    • Countdown 2010 in Southern Africa
    • Countdown 2010 in Eastern Europe
    • Countdown 2010 in Asia
    • Outlooks
  • Do it yourself: Rate your country’s performance on biodiversity!
  • State of Biodiversity: the Encyclopedia of Life
  • Internal: New faces at Countdown 2010
  • Focus on… National Park Thayatal

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  • Feature: Drivers of Biodiversity Loss
    • What destroys biodiversity
    • Humanity, the manipulator
    • Systems of sustainability
  • Do it yourself: Travel in a sustainable manner
  • State of Biodiversity: European Mammals Assessment
  • Down to Earth: the Basque country and biodiversity
  • Internal: New Advisory Board
  • Focus on… A Rocha

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May 2007

  • Feature on Business and Biodiversity
    • The Business Case for Biodiversity
    • Ecologies of Scale
    • How to Green your Business
    • Responsible and Accountable
    • Portuguese-EU Initiative on Business and Biodiversity
  • Do it yourself: Celebrate Biodiversity Day
  • State of Biodiversity: Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • Down to Earth: Model Regions to Boost Local Action on Biodiversity
  • Internal: Partners Assembly and Survey
  • Focus on… Business in Portugal

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March 2007

  • Feature on Marine Biodiversity
    • Expert Workshop: Countdown 2010 for Marine Ecosystems
    • Towards an EU-wide maritime policy
    • Marine protected areas in action
  • Do it yourself: What fish to eat
  • State of Biodiversity: Wellbeing through wildlife
  • Internal: Countdown 2010 – a truly global initiative!
  • Focus on… parks and tourism

January 2007

  • Feature on Biodiversity and the European Union
    • European Council welcomes Biodiversity Communication
    • European Parliament Report on 2010 target by April
    • Regions and Civil Society
    • European Commission implements Action Plan
  • State of biodiversity: Likely Decline of European Biodiversity between now and 2030
  • Do it yourself: Reduce your own impact on biodiversity
  • Internal: New Countdown 2010 Website and International Material
  • Focus on… Parco Nazionale Arcipelago di La Maddalena

November 2006

  • Feature on Building Partnerships for Biodiversity
    • Many small steps: Building Partnerships for Biodiversity
    • Wanted: A new vision for nature in Europe
    • Global challenges, and European responsibilities
    • Global challenges, global partnerships
    • Local action on biodiversity
  • State of Biodiversity: What we know, and what we may do about it
  • Do it yourself: Use Countdown 2010 Communication Material to promote the 2010 biodiversity target
  • Internal: Countdown 2010 Executive Group Changes Name
  • Focus on… the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM)

September 2006

  • Feature on Biodiversity and Development
    • Biodiversity in European Development Cooperation
    • A decisive moment in the history of the 2010 biodiversity target
    • Countdown 2010 going global?
  • Neither fish nor fowl: Biodiversity’s treasures in danger
  • Do it yourself… Get your country to join Countdown 2010
  • Focus on… Black Country Living Landscape
  • Welcome to new staff!

June 2006

  • The EU’s Biodiversity Communication launched on International Biodiversity Day
  • Observations from Green Week 2006 – Biodiversity is Life!
  • Plan – Act – Review: Countdown 2010 and Assessment
  • Steering ahead. Partners of Countdown 2010 meet in Brussels
  • Do it yourself! Include the 2010 biodiversity target in the MDGs
  • Focus on… Georgian Centre for the Conservation of Wildlife

April 2006

  • 2010 @ the Convention on Biological Diversity
  • 4th Biodiversity in Europe Conference
  • Making development cooperation work for biodiversity
  • Working together to save biodiversity in the Caucasus
  • Study warns of drastic biodiversity loss
  • Focus on… SVS/BirdLife Switzerland

January 2006

  • Editorial: About Countdown 2010 and its latest developments
  • Measuring progress: The Countdown 2010 Assessment Toolkit
  • Become a Partner now: Sign the Declaration to save biodiversity by 2010!
  • Have your say: Contribute to the Consultation on the European Commission’s Biodiversity Communication
  • Act globally: The 2010 biodiversity target and the rest of the world
  • Act locally: Local governments joining the Countdown 2010 alliance – the example of Tilburg
  • Countdown 2010: Four Challenges for Four Years

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