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What key elements should a new target have? What would be the right timeline (2015, 2020, 2030,…)? How should it differ from the 2010 target? How to ensure the next target has a wider outreach? How to improve implementation? Who should be involved in the process?….

Be part of the process! Participate to the discussion on the post-2010 framework!

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  1. Only 630 days to the end of 2010 and more than 850 partners have joined Countdown 2010. This success shows that action for biodiversity cannot stop in 2010. We NEED a new international commitment to continue mobilize people and raise awareness.

    But who should be in charge of this new commitment? Governments or the civil society?

    Do we need to create a social movement or should we let decision-makers to decide on the issue on a merely technical/political level?

  2. We will not reach the 2010 goal and already we are setting our sights on another horizon! I well remember the bold slogan adopted by the World Health Organization in the 1970s: Health for All by the Year 2000! And health was defined as a state of total physical, psychological and cultural well-being”. So, even in 1975 what chance, realistically, did the WHO have of delivering on that challenge? Its chances were nil. Zero out of ten, zero out of a hundred. Zero even out of ten billion? So why do we always set ourselves up for failure? As 2000 approached, the WTO began to look markedly embarrassed until, near the fatal turn of the millennium, they quietly shed the slogan.

    We are told that goals focus notoriously scattered political attention, they draw attention to the issues, they provide a peg on which to hang bagfulls of money, they provide inspiration. All that may be true, but in my view there has to be a level of achievement below which we recognize, name and shame a failure.

    Would you all not be suspicious, concerned and angry if I flipped a coin and it ended up Heads time after time after time? And yet we routinely accept goals that are never met. Indeed, the effort towards meeting them is often less than the effort of setting them. In fact, we usually slip backward from the goals. So has the time come to recognize that the Emperor forgot to get dressed?

  3. Governments and civil society share the responsibility – the target of halting the loss of biodiversity will only be achieved when the intrinsic and economic values of ecosystems and biodiversity are properly understood.

    This initiative requires clear and evidence based communication of the consequences of biobiversity loss – a communication programme that on no uncertain terms illustrates to all levels of society that the costs of saving and enhancing ecosystems and biodiversity far outweigh the costs of losing it.

    Mobilising appropriate input to Phase II of the TEEB can support this process.

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  5. [...] 世界の関心は2010年以降の目標に推移し始めている。しかし、blogpost on the Countdown2010で指摘されているように新たな目標の設定には注意が必要だ。 [...]

  6. My concern is for the migration of keystone species in corridors and stepping stones as a result of climate change – where are these new fragments of land going to come from, and how long will suitable levels of succession take to enable migration to take place?

    At present in Essex, UK, we have fragments of woodland and other habitats on the coast in a matrix of arable land. How are the species going to be managed to migrate as a cohesive element of biodiversity without large scale, and as yet unannounced land purchases? And what criteria (Greedy-richness?) are going to be used for site selection?

    I have seen the new biodiversity measurements by traffic light symbols, and they seem fine; but what about future site planning? This must be an issue for everyone.

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  8. Ok not one country has reached its targets or implemented all its actions to conserve Biodiversity. We must not let this slow us down in fact this should tell us we need to work harder every one of us should do our little bit to help, Biodiversity matters for a stable world.

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