Success story of the day: Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment – DG Environment

Success story of the day: Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment – DG Environment


Story featured in the Made in Countdown 2010 publication



The Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment – DG Environment has organised a debate with key stakeholders to identify priority actions for the integration of biodiversity into social and economic policies and all levels of decision making. It has also launched a campaign “I give life to my planet” at the end of 2009 which is targeted at the general public, in particular children and youngsters. It aims to stimulate people to engage in conservation by adopting simple actions and behaviours. A website allows people to choose their commitments for biodiversity. A book “366 actions for biodiversity”, children’s games, a complete educational package, electronic games and “Boomerang” cards in cafés and restaurants have also been produced. The campaign is implemented in cooperation with other Countdown 2010 partners in Belgium: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Natuurpunt and Natagora.

The Ministry has carried out a review and analysis of federal legislation to develop a new instrument against voluntary introduction of invasive alien species in Belgium and has supported TEMATEA – a joint project by IUCN and UNEP. Efforts have been made to promote sustainable forest management through public procurement policy and support forest governance, in particular in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



The Belgian National Biodiversity Strategy was adopted one year before the Federal Public Service joined the Countdown 2010 initiative in 2007. The Strategy was to be implemented with the main challenge of mainstreaming biodiversity into relevant sectors of public policy, while at the same time engaging the general public in biodiversity conservation.


The Federal Action Plan for the integration of biodiversity into four key sectors – development cooperation, science, transport, and economy – has been adopted. By now, the national campaign has already engaged 10,970 enthusiastic people. Their commitments will serve as a strong signal to continue efforts for biodiversity beyond 2010. A LIFE project on invasive plants aiming at setting up communication and preventive actions to reduce the introduction and dissemination of invasive alien plant species in gardens and public spaces in Belgium has been launched. 13 % of the Belgian territory at land and sea are Natura 2000 sites, and this percentage is on the increase. The Ministry has organised workshops onTEMATEA. Biodiversity criteria have been included in public procurement policies and prepare for a sectoral
agreement with the private sector on timber and timber products from sustainably managed forests.


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