Thousands for biodiversity!

Thousands for biodiversity!

8 December 2010, Brussels. Twenty, fifty, a hundred thousand is the number of partners that IUCN will engage in conservation in the next decade worldwide. This is the goal of the new Countdown initiative announced yesterday by IUCN.

“The greatest achievement of the Countdown 2010 initiative has been to bring together actors which were not traditionally linked to conservation” said John Kidd, IUCN Head of Global Communications “Businesses, local authorities and others have taken direct action to help protect their species, green areas and landscapes. With this new initiative, IUCN wants more and more actors to become aware and engaged in nature conservation”.

Started as a European initiative, Countdown 2010 has gathered mostly partners from Europe. The new initiative will build strong networks in other continents too, also through the support of the wide system of IUCN present in more than 160 countries worldwide.

“With its network of nearly 1,100 partners, the Countdown 2010 initiative has played a crucial role in mobilizing biodiversity action on the ground. IUCN will help scale up these efforts on a global level” said Kidd.

Some 50 representatives of partner organizations, companies, donors and supporters, as well as former staff, attended the event hosted by the IUCN European Union Representative Office yesterday.