Ayuntamiento de Bunol


The Ayuntamiento de Bunol undertakes efforts to ensure the conservation of biodiversity, the sustainable use and access to resources, as well as the sharing of the benefits generated by them. In the framework of the National Law 42/07 enacted by the Spanish MInistry of the Environment, the Municipality commits itself to adopting actions to strengthen the protection of ecosystems and implement a rational and sustainable management of the territory. Moreover, it will also adjust legislation to European and international conventions on biodiversity and the like. The focus is placed on the protection of land and the creation of new marine areas and cross-border protected areas.


Ayuntamiento de Bunol
Mr. Aurelio Palmer Escorihuela

C/Cid 20
46360 Bunol Spain
E ayuntamiento@aytobunyol.com
T +34 96 250 01 51
F +34 96 250 30 83
W http://www.bunyol.es/html/main.php?pagina=central.php


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