The Countdown 2010 initiative was closed in 2010. This website and all information it contains may not be up to date.

The Countdown 2010 Newsletter appears bi-monthly to inform and engage partners and other interested organizations on action around the 2010 biodiversity target.

October 2010

  • Made in Countdown 2010
  • Biodiversity needs all of us!
  • 20/10/2010@20:10
  • What happens after 2010?

July 2010

  • Feature: EU Overseas Entities: havens of biodiversity
    • Protecting biodiversity in EU OEs
    • Regional Cooperation in the Caribbean
    • What should the EU do? A perspective from OCTA
  • Do it yourself: Bring biodiversity to the table
  • State of biodiversity: A baseline for measuring progress
  • Focus on…Youth guidebook on sustainability by AEGEE
  • Towards a new biodiversity target: Investing in biodiversity is not a luxury
  • LARA: TEEB for local and regional policy: give your input

May 2010

  • Feature: SBSTTA: the importance of science
    • One step forward to halting biodiversity loss?
    • Saving biodiversity isn’t rocket science
  • Do it yourself: Engage in the European Business and Biodiversity Platform
  • State of biodiversity: World governments fail to deliver on 2010 biodiversity target
  • Focus on…Scuba divers help to spread knowledge on marine biodiversity
  • Towards a new biodiversity target: EU: defining future biodiversity policy
  • LARA: Cities as drivers for change

March 2010

  • Feature: CITES
    • CITES and biodiversity conservation
    • CoP15: more cooperation needed
    • Bluefin tuna still in trade
  • Do it yourself: The sparrow is bigger than the sparrow
  • Towards a new biodiversity target: Healthy biodiversity is no luxury – it’s the foundation of all life on Earth
  • State of biodiversity: Habitat loss blamed for more species decline
  • Focus on…First ever Pan-European cartoon series for kids on the environment
  • LARA: What do you know about eco-labelling and certification in your community?

February 2010

  • Feature: 2010 – the International Year of Biodiversity
    • The 2010 calendar of events
    • IYB-UK Partnership
    • A video library dedicated to biodiversity on AthenaWeb
  • Do it yourself: Add your project for the IYB!
  • Towards a new biodiversity target: Spain identifies biodiversity priorities
  • State of biodiversity: Understanding and addressing the causes of biodiversity loss
  • Focus on… Eiffage
  • LARA: Local authorities compete for biodiversity crown

November 2009

  • Feature: Biodiversity and climate change: two sides of the same coin
    • Copenhagen: hopes for the future
    • From mountains to seamounts
    • Climate change, energy and the Natura 2000 network
    • Tematea: putting the pieces of the puzzle together
  • Do it yourself: Celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity
  • Internal: Music for biodiversity: Carlinhos Brown is a new Countdown 2010 Ambassador!
  • State of biodiversity: Extinction crisis continues apace
  • Focus on… Jerusalem joins Countdown 2010
  • LARA: Cities and Biodiversity Initiative

September 2009

  • Feature: Nature as the key to progress
    • Some of the best applications
    • Biomimicry in Europe
  • Do it yourself: Public awareness surveys
  • Internal: Join Countdown 2010 on Facebook and Twitter!
  • State of biodiversity: Nature is the biggest untapped ally against climate change
  • Focus on… First national Countdown 2010 Partners’ meeting in Portugal!
  • LARA: Countdown 2010 Partner wins Spanish award for biodiversity

July 2009

  • Feature: Conservation beyond boundaries
    • People, science and creativity at work in the Countdown 2010 China Hub
    • Reaching the 2010 Target in South America: contributions and challenges in the region
    • Southern Africa for biodiversity!
  • Do it yourself: Ever thought of running for an award?
  • Internal: Think globally, act locally and change personally!
  • State of biodiversity: More species = loss reduction?
  • Focus on… C.E.Liège
  • LARA: Local governments take up the biodiversity challenge!

May 2009

  • Feature: Communicating the 2010 biodiversity target
    • International Year of Biodiversity: Let’s rock!
    • Connect2earth: web-based platform on green issues
    • Home: We all have a date with the planet!
  • Do it yourself: Share your calendars on BYSE 2010!
  • Internal: Have you registered for the Partners’ Assembly 2009?
  • State of biodiversity: Europe’s amphibians and reptiles on the decline
  • Focus on… Natureparif
  • LARA: Cities celebrate biodiversity day

April 2009

  • Feature: Wilderness and Large Natural Habitat Areas in Europe
    • The “silent” valley of Ticha
    • EP approves report on wilderness
    • Wild areas and Natura 2000
  • Do it yourself: Who said that biodiversity is just for grown-ups
  • Internal: Partners’ Assembly
  • State of biodiversity: Freshwater species in firing line
  • Focus on… Natural England
  • LARA: City wins best deed award in biodiversity competition

February 2009

  • Feature: The roadmap for the post-2010 biodiversity target
    • Let’s change the way we think about economics!
    • The post Kyoto Protocol: a major appointment for biodiversity conservation
    • Invasive Species: EU calls for action
    • Step by step: major events in 2009
  • Do it yourself: Have your say on biodiversity!
  • Internal: 2008 a year of great achievements for Countdown 2010
  • State of Biodiversity: The 2010 Biodiversity Challenge: Will the EU reach it?
  • Focus on… ZOO & WILD
  • LARA: Green Goals in 2010!

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