Made in Countdown 2010

The Countdown 2010 initiative was closed in 2010. This website and all information it contains may not be up to date.

logIt’s 2010 – a year of stock-taking for world governments and for the Countdown 2010 initiative. The 2010 Biodiversity Target was not reached but the thousands of biodiversity actions taken by Countdown 2010 partners are an important step towards the improvement of the status of biodiversity and the increase of public awareness.

Thousands of biodiversity actions all over the world have contributed to conserving biodiversity. These actions are a model for other communities, regions and countries. The initiative itself has served as a springboard for increased, and concrete, action beyond 2010. A renewed and enhanced phase of biodiversity conservation and awareness raising can now start.

A number of success stories have been selected out of nearly 1,100 partners. The Made in Countdown 2010 publication is a collection of 20 of the best success stories by Countdown 2010 partners which have helped to make a difference for biodiversity. The stories come from partners from Europe to Africa, from North America to South America, from Asia to Oceania. Examples of successful actions include adoption of protection measures, implementation of action plans, raising awareness and reduction of biodiversity impact.

The best achievement for biodiversity will receive the Countdown 2010 Biodiversity Award. See below.

Learn more about Countdown 2010 partners’ achievements:

  • Read the Made in Countdown 2010 publication for a selection of 20 of the best success stories; or
  • Click on the below map, zoom in and read about Countdown 2010 partners all over the world! (you can scroll right and left for other continents); or
  • Click here for a list of all success stories and their direct links.



“It is the sum of all actions by Countdown 2010 partners which helps make a difference for biodiversity. The Countdown 2010 Biodiversity Award celebrates the best action for biodiversity conservation which can be a model for other communities and countries” Hans Friederich, IUCN Regional Director for Pan-Europe.

A special Jury composed by the Countdown 2010 Advisory Board selected the best achievement for biodiversity among the Countdown 2010 partners who submitted a success story. The winner was the Colombian agency Coralina, which received the Countdown 2010 Biodiversity Award in Nagoya, Japan, at the CBD COP10 during the Countdown 2010 event and featured at the Reuters-IUCN Media Awards ceremony attended by world leading media. An information kit about the winner was included in the IUCN press pack for COP10 and distributed to all journalists attending the conference. The winner’s story was sent to the 20 top European broadcasters, including BBC, Reuters, AFP.